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I met Meghan while we were both pregnant so I felt very confident in her ability to train me in a way that would work for my body. So much has changed a year later, but my confidence in Meghan remains. She creates workouts that feel challenging without being punishing. She teaches me new exercises that I can incorporate into my solo workouts, which empowers me to get stronger week over week. I always look forward to our sessions together because of the accountability — and the laughs.

- Rachel U.

Meghan has been my trainer for many years in small group classes and one-on-one. She is so capable, encouraging and fun. She provides just the right amount of push and support. Training is more than a job to Meghan. Her love of fitness and movement and her commitment to health and to her clients come through consistently. She is a solid person who knows her stuff! I'm grateful that she's in my life.

- Tracy F.

Working out with Meghan is always a treat! She is encouraging, motivating, and friendly! She creates dynamic and fun workouts that strengthen different muscles, and always keeps an eye out as to how my form is. Every workout we've had is challenging and gives me something to strengthen. She always pushes me to improve and with her encouragement, I've seen my strength, stability, recovery, and flexibility get better over time! Even though I'm working from home and not doing as much activity as when I have to commute, I am still seeing progress in my weight loss and muscle toning. I've even gained enough flexibility to touch my toes, which is something I haven't been able to do easily since I was in high school!
Meghan shares her workouts with me online, which is great for when I want to do something on my own. Her weekly check-ins are also good reminders for me to be mindful about my nutrition and the exercise I do on days I do not have training. She is focused not only on my physical fitness but my mental fitness as well. She is always keeping up with how my week is going and being available for chats, even though she already has her own busy schedule.
Despite having to do virtual at home workouts, she has been creative with the equipment I have, as well as flexible depending on how I am feeling that particular week. I know I would not be as motivated to exercise were it not for her accountability. Thank you, Meghan, for always being there and for everything that you do!

- Nina Y.

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