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Why You Should Add Walking To Your Daily Routine

It’s amazing how simple and easy adding walking into your daily life it can make a HUGE impact. It’s a powerful tool when looking for a healthier life.

It’s simple, free and always available! 

Benefits of walking:

-can help lower your blood pressure

-can help loose or manage weight

-can help with stress management

-can help you feel connected to others

-can improve your digestion

-can help lift your mental cloud or increase creativity

-can help you sleep better at night

How to build the routine into your daily life:

1.Set yourself up for success –

· Like always you can’t jump into a routine full force and expect that to last. Start off with telling yourself “I am going to walk 5-10 minutes today during my lunch break.” Typically, when you start small - in now time you will be able to increase that time to 15-20 minutes in no time. However, if you start off by saying “I am going to walk 3x this week for 30 minutes” and you miss a day or two every week - you soon will doubt yourself and the habit will not stick.

2.Make walking enjoyable –

· Listen to a podcast, book or music that you enjoy. If you don’t like walking alone: walking with a friend, walking group, partner/child/pet.

3.Vary your routine or route -

· Find different places to walk outside (this will spice up the scenery so you don’t just go through the motions, you will look forward in seeing something new), walk outside or inside on treadmill,

4.Don’t take a missed day as a failure -

· Never give up if you miss a few days here and there. Remind yourself how you feel after your walk (this will help on days that you do not want to get up and do it), and then get back on track.

Ways you can add walking to your routine

***even if you do not have time to commit to a distance or timed walk, the weather isn’t cooperating for an outside walk, or you don’t have access to a treadmill***

-park further away from the entrance of a store you are going to

-take the stairs instead of the elevator

-walk up and down your stairs at home (especially if you are working remote from home, it is a great way to get the blood flowing and take a little break)

“Walk toward the good in life and one day you will arrive!” - Atticus Poetry

Meg DeSalvo Fit

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