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Time management 101

I know time management is tough to budget especially if you have a hectic schedule. Prioritizing yourself is important with time management because scheduling yourself into your day is the most important thing when working towards your end goal. You are worth that time. Your goals are worth that time.

Here are my top 6 time management skills that help keep you moving towards your goal - no matter your schedule

Have a CLEAR goal.

Have a goal for why you want to achieve something (end goal should be specific). Without having something to work towards, how are you supposed to be motivated to keep moving forward. Be specific with your goal so you have something to keep you wanting to move forward. Deciding what your goals are is an important step in managing your time so you can be successful. Knowing that your time matters in order to reach your goals is important even if it is only 20-30 minutes 3x a week, that time you dedicate to yourself and your goals matters.

TIP: write your goals down someplace you can see them often, seeing them especially when your schedule gets hectic is another reminder to keep moving forward. It is easy to skip your workouts or nutrition goals when you have no specific goal.

Create a timeline.

Once you figured out what your goal is, then determine how many times a week you can realistically dedicate your time to get you to that end goal. If you can only dedicate 2 days per week, then your timeline needs to be extended longer.

Ex. want to run a race, obviously your race date is the end timeline, but how are you going to increase your mileage if you don't break it down into smaller timelines (you can't run 6 miles before you can reach 10...)

Schedule your workouts.

Just like you would schedule a meeting, a playdate, a doctors appointment - schedule your workout time/days in your calendar, go a step further and schedule in your other healthy "to -do's" like grocery shopping, mediation, etc. If you schedule it in, you know that you already dedicated that time to get it done

TIP: you are less likely to skip it as well if someone is keeping you accountable to that schedule.

Meal plan / Prep / Shop in bulk if you can.

Plan the days you will go grocery shopping. Go in with a detailed list based off of your meals and snacks. If your time is limited pay the extra (if you can) for the pre sliced veggies, fruit. It is a bit more money, but again time is money. If you do not get the pre sliced, then when you get home budget 10 minutes to cut up your fresh fruit and veggies before you put them away. It will save you time in the long run if they are for snacks and easy meals.

TIP: try to plan some of your meals with ingredients you already have at home (bonus if your using left overs as part as your meal)

Use downtime wisely

Obviously downtime is important. I get it. As a stay at home mom who has now started her own business, sometimes I just want to sit down and do nothing during the day (especially when the kids are napping). I find that if I don't use the nap time downtime I end up having to do things at night when the kids go to bed - which makes me not want to do it even more because I am even more tired. Sometimes life gets busy, you might not be able to get in that workout before work because you overslept or something else came up - BUT you can try and get in a walk during your lunch time.

Have someone looking out for you.

Having a coach or friend to help keep you accountable most likely will keep you focused and have someone to help you overcome obstacles that might stall you if you don't have someone to chat with.

TIP: if you don't have that - check in with yourself weekly. Write down your wins and struggles and see how you achieved those wins, and how you could have handled those struggles a little better. Then use that to help your next week be more successful.

Meg DeSalvo Fit

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