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Things to do daily to help with postpartum anxiety

Iv been very open about my postpartum anxiety. I guess you can say I always have anxiety - it just seems to get heightened after baby arrives. I’m a routine person and being off routine makes me anxious, not being able to control a situation (like when both kids are crying) makes me as you can see being a type a person with a newborn and toddler is not a good mi

I have been finding these things helpful daily! It may only help for a bit, but every calmness counts!

-daily movement even for just 10 minutes (stretching, walk, yoga, pelvic core exercises)

-read atleast 10 minutes

-sitting down and cuddling the kids and trying not to look at the toy hurricane that came through the house

-eating healthier meals/snacks (makes me not feel so sluggish)

-watching 1 Netflix episode a day

-put on makeup (makes me feel fresh!)

Being aware of how I’m feeling and having a supportive husband makes the world of a difference. Anxiety is normal especially after birth. Being on top of it is super important for yourself and everyone around you!

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help, people want you to be the best you can be. Get help that fits your needs and beliefs. Get to know yourself and listen to your body.” - Ashley V.

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