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The scale is not a measure of YOUR HEALTH

Why the weight on the scale doesn't matter and how it is not a measure of health

Are you a victim of the scale?

Do you weigh yourself everyday or every week?

Do you find your emotions/actions are driven by the number on the scale?

Do you find the scale dictates what you eat or do for the day after you see the number?

If you are a client of mine - I strongly suggest you ditch the scale after we begin training OR stop doing daily weighs (obsessive weighing). It is not a direct measure of health, and it can be detrimental to progress. So many times I have had conversations with clients over the scale. If you feel the scale is holding you back from getting where you want because you live by the number day to day...then I suggest you keep reading!

The scale (body weight) is not a direct measure of health...READ THAT AGAIN...BODY WEIGHT IS NOT A DIRECT MEASURE OF HEALTH. A person can be at a healthy body weight on the scale or compared to a chart kbut still be unhealthy due to their poor nutrition choices and lack of nutrition.

It does not reflect:

-who you are

-your strength

-your worth

-your commitment

-your desire to do/be better

-your persistence

What the scale does reflect:

-water weight

-sodium intake

-muscle mass

-body fat

What you should be focusing on is:

-Eating healthy balanced meals (including indulging in things you enjoy GUILT FREE)

-Exercise and move your body purposefully, and strive to be the best you can be over time.

*If you are eating balanced meals and exercising regularly and you are feeling better, your clothes are fitting better and you are HAPPY because you are committing yourself to a healthy lifestyle - THEN THERE IS NO NEED TO OBSESS OVER WHAT THE SCALE SAYS.

If you do need to lose weight for medical reasons or personal reasons - detach the numbers on the scale with self worth. If you are working towards creating a healthy lifestyle then the scale will and can hold you back if you are not seeing progress “in your time frame.”

If you are making good health your focus through nutrition and exercise - then the weight loss will naturally follow. You will get there in time - just know everything takes effort, persistence, and patience.

DO not let the scale define you and your happiness.


Meg DeSalvo Fit

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