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Setting your week up for success

Do you find that you have daily or weekly rituals? I am a SCHEDULE kinda gal, but with two young kids I know how the days don't always flow the way I think they should. Even though my schedule doesn't flow the same week to week, I still try to tackle the same things/habits in order to stay on the path of my goals.

To set myself up for success for the week, I make sure I hit the "reset" and "preset" button for the week. There are things I specifically want to get done aka "preset" and there are things that I still need to work on aka "reset".

Things to get yourself prepped for a successful week:

- Meal prep for at least 3 days (for me currently it is focusing on breakfast as that is where I am currently struggling because mornings when both kiddos are waking up and ravenous - -makes for chaos!)

-TIME BLOCK OUT your workouts for the week based off your schedule (always have 2 plan B workouts for days the kiddos do not cooperate or the weather is crappy)

-Don't just save your "chores" for the weekend, spread them out. Do a load of laundry or two during the week (I used to put laundry in before I started getting ready for work, then put in dryer before I left so when I got home from work I would just need to "fluff" it in the dryer and fold).

-Pick one thing you struggled on the previous week and hone in on that. If it is sleep - then prioritize getting to bed earlier, if it is drinking more water - then prioritize more water over caffeine beverages.

-NIGHTLY not just Sunday's, lay out your clothes the night before for your workouts so you are ready to go in the AM.

-Write down a list of things you want to get done in the week both work and personal. Then take that list and keep it somewhere you will see to help keep you organized throughout the week.

What do you find doing on a Sunday gets you ready for the week?

Meg DeSalvo Fit

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