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Peanut Butter VS Almond Butter

Do you ever wonder which kind of nut butter is better for you? You see all the different kind of nut butters on the market, but not sure which one to get because of all the fun marketing around all the different flavors you can make with them.

Some people are also afraid of eating nut butters because they are known sometimes as a bad "food" (always if you eat in excess) BUT nut butters are considered healthy fats (when you eat the correct serving size). Healthy fats are essential for healthy skin, hair, cells, metabolism, and even immunity (and we all want good immunity these days!).

Let's see the run down on who wins...

-similar in calories / sugars per serving (watch your serving size if you are concerned about calories..and we all know how easy it is to add extra to toast etc.)

-peanut butter has slightly more protein than almond butter

-both are high in MUFA (mono-unsaturated fatty acids) BUT almond butter has slightly more (MUFAs have so many health benefits like heart health)

-peanut butter has slightly more SUFA (saturated fatty acids) which if you eat too much can be bad for cholesterol

-they both contain vitamins like Vitamin E, calcium and iron BUT almond butter again has slightly more

The end winner: Almond butter is only slightly better BUT that comes with a slightly higher price tag. At the end of the day remember to choose a nut butter that doesn’t have any added sugar, partially hydrogenated oils or trans fats, or artificial ingredients. The label should have just one ingredient: “peanuts” or “almonds” (and maybe a pinch of salt).

As with any type of food, moderation is key.

Meg DeSalvo Fit

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