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Year after year we all set ourselves so many lofty goals that we want to reach in the following year. Things we “think” will make us a “better” version of ourselves. Year after year I would help clients think of a New Years Resolution. Well, it wasn’t until the year we had in 2020 that I realized that is not what we should be focusing on. There should be no “new year new me” thinking. What is wrong with the person you are? Why do you want to be a “new” person? Sure we want to be happier, healthier, wealthier, etc. BUT why do we have to be a “new” version of ourselves.

Instead of thinking “new year new me” I think we should all really think of all that we have done well in the last year and work on continuing those habits. Those habits are what will continue to feel your best and perform at the best. Sure we could all clean up our diets, we could all exercise well BUT why put so much pressure on a new calendar year to change it all.

Think of small tangible goals that you can do each week that will carry on the months moving forward. Start small, work on building the skills that you are already mastering and SLOWLY start to tackle other things that will help us be as healthy (mentally and physically) as we can be.

I am happy with who I am. There are things that I would love to improve BUT I am no longer having the mentality that a new year will magically change the person I am to a “better” version. Instead I will continue on my path of self-love and continue to build on the skills that I have woven into my daily life that make me feel happy and healthy.

Continue to dive deep and love yourself. Continue to work on yourself in POSITIVE ways and give yourself grace and patience. Things do not just happen overnight and definitely do not change because the calendar did. If you want to have a “better” year then make it happen one day at a time - slowly and appropriately. Remember just because for one month you work out every day and go on a diet - does not guarantee things will change, make sure you are taking things day by day.

Have a happy and healthy 2021!

Meg DeSalvo

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