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My top 3 exercises to grow the GLUTES

The glutes are a great exercise to focus on not just for asthetics BUT to help support our daily movements.

  • Due to our daily lives, we tend to have very under activated and weak glutes (we sit all day!) which leads to that low back and knee pain.

  • During pregnancy and birth, our pelvic floors become stretched and/or weak. The glutes are necessary for the pelvic floor to function optimally it’s essential to make sure they’re activating when they should be.

Here are my top 3 GLUTE exercises:

  1. Frog pumps

  2. Hip Thrust

  3. Banded side plank clamshells

Benefits of the Frog Pump

  • can isolate the entire gluteus maximus and minimus

  • more activation with NO additional load (aka body weight is just as hard)

  • rotation of hips also allows you to work hip flexors and obliques

Benefits of the Hip Thrust

  • allows you to get optimal hip extension (which you can’t get in a leg press or squat)

  • less pressure on low back and knees that loaded deadlifts and squats do

  • increases glute stability which is crucial for daily movement (and sport performance.)

Benefits of the Banded Side Plank Clamshell

  • Isolates smaller glute muscles (the medius and minimus)

  • Improves knee valgus during squats (Aka if your knees cave in during squats)

  • Allows you to stabilize and simultaneously work the core and pelvic floor.

Meg DeSalvo Fit

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