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Let’s normalize Postpartum Anxiety and Depression

70-80% of mamas will experience some mental health issues after having a baby. Whether it’s just the baby blues, anxiety, or full on depression - IT IS NORMAL!

I never wanted to admit with Emma that I was overwhelmed, anxious and lost because I thought it made me weak or a bad mom. Because I didn’t want to admit it, I caused myself even more anxiety by trying to be the “perfect” mom and wife that I needed to be. I mean I saw plenty of mama‘s crushing life on social media - no tears, perfect looking babies, always looking out together. It made me feel like I was broken.

Guess what - I thought having baby #2 I was going to be on it and not have these fees again. BUT I DO! And guess what - it is okay because I am aware, not hiding it and taking care of myself one day at a time!

If you are reading this - you are not broken. You are an amazing mama. What you are feeling is completely normals. You are trying to juggle a lot. Your hormones are crazy. Your sleep deprived. You don’t feel like yourself. . . it gets better I promise.

Tips to help you feel less anxious / depressed:

- ask for help

- rest when you can or want to

- cuddle your baby

- find a workout mix that makes you feel relieved (cardio, strength, yoga, meditation)

- let others around you know what your feeling and if you need space

- give yourself a chance to step away

- open the idea of therapy / medication if you feel you need that (and be ok with this step you are taking to few better)

You are not alone. Be open with your feelings and don’t be afraid to reach out for help. It does make you a bad mom - it makes you a GOOD MOM for taking care of your mental health! Meg DeSalvo

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