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How to move forward and continue to progress...

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

"Every Day, Every Week, Every Month is a NEW opportunity to do better and be better." The only way to be better is to keep moving forward. Always think ahead rather than looking in the past. Sometimes we dwell too much on the past whether we are thinking about the good or the bad. It is important to remember our failures because those failures build us and teach us how to be and do better, but it is also important to move on from them and find new ways to conquer them.

Sometimes we stop progressing because we don't move forward after a goal is reached. Yes each success is a win and it should be celebrated. Yes each win creates a path to what your ultimate lifestyle will and can be - BUT if you stop there you will never move forward. There are so many hurdles that will always try to get in your way of your success. If you don't think and move forward than you will just be stuck where you are and see progress much slower. You need to plan for failures and be ready to conquer them.

Take COVID for example. I have heard many stories of how people can't be successful in reaching their health goals or maintaining their weight because they no longer have the resources. Well I am here to tell you - there are plenty of resources out there for you to be successful, FREE or PAID! I have been training women for years some of whom workout at home all the time - some have equipment, some just use body weight BUT in the end they always stay on track because of one thing. DETERMINATION. Yes it is easy to be frustrated and discouraged, but if you do not MOVE FORWARD and push on then you will not reach those goal and will find it more challenging to maintain your weight. You have to be determined, willing to work for it, willing to fail and try again and most of all willing to be patient. Take each situation that is getting in your way of progress and find three ways you can positively make a change. Focus on those things and do not let outer forces force you away from reaching your goals. Take control of what you can control and let that be your driving force forward!

If you adopt the mindset that what matters is what you are doing TODAY rather then yesterday or two years ago - then you will continue to move forward along your path. Think how I can do better today - how can I move better today - how can I eat better today - how can I feel better today. If you continue to be present in your life in your actions then YOU WILL SEE PROGRESS. Progress comes from wins, failures - it all depends on what you do with them.

Meg DeSalvo Fit

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