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How do you make time for exercise and nutrition?!

Life is busy.

Sometimes we feel like we are just spinning around on a merry go round and have a hard time slowing down or stopping.

Your kids are pulling you in a million direction, the house is a mess, work is crazy busy, the holidays are approaching, etc.

In order to make more time for exercise and nutrition you need to do a few things:

1.Ask yourself why you want/need to change -

Do you need to feel better mentally and physically, need more energy to keep up with the never ending day, want to feel better in your clothes again, do you need to lower your blood pressure, etc.

Dig deep. Don't just say because I have to in order to be healthy. What does healthy look like and feel like to you.

Once you know why you want/need to be more mindful in making more time for exercise and nutrition...

2.Identify your top priorities -

Do you need to first prioritize creating a routine of getting up in the morning. This could mean just simply getting up earlier to have breakfast or getting something done, or even reading a book, and then slowly getting in that workout. I know for some getting up for a morning workout is TOUGH - so instead just focus on waking up early! Once you have successfully mastered waking up early and feel better about it - then start to add in a workout or stretch to get moving.

Do you need to first prioritize cutting down on caffeine. Replace that second or third cup of coffee/tea with a decaf option. Etc.

What are your top 2 priorities?

3.Put meal prep day/time and workout day/time in your schedule -

Stop going with the flow. Structure and planning when you are struggling to prioritize exercise and nutrition is IMPORTANT for building consistency and success.

Start with one day to meal prep your breakfast for the week. Make some muffins, cut up your fruit and egg cups. You don't have to meal prep for the whole week BUT prepping for the meal you struggle with the most will help.

Plan your workout days with flex. What days are you more likely to get your workouts in because you have less commitments? Can you plan for your plan B to be a stretch/yoga or walk if you can not do your planned workout for the day?

Have structure and a plan (and plan B).

4.Start small and then build -

If you are struggling with consistency start small with everything. Take what you prioritized and go with that.

Get up 2 days a week early, cut out 1 caffeine beverage....once you feel like you have mastered this continue these things and move on to your next priority.

If you go out full strong YOU WILL BURN OUT. I know sometimes taking it slow can feel like a drag BUT it is important to keep the pace steady.

5.Review at the end of the week your wins and struggles -

What went well?

What did you struggle with?

What did NOT go well at all?

Once you identify these things you know where you need to continue to prioritize. This also helps you continue to pay attention to what you are doing and not let the wins slip away from you.

What would you say is your most helpful tool when it comes to making more time for exercise and nutrition?

Meg DeSalvo Fit

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