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Having An Inviting Workout Space Makes A Difference

So you set your alarm for the morning to get up. Your alarm goes off and the last thing you want to do is wake up, get out of your comfy warm bed to move your body in a space that is not inviting or getting you excited to move.

Change that, make a space designated for YOU for you to move your body and feel inspired to be there.

make sure your workout area is a CLUTTER FREE ZONE

Why would you want to workout in a space that is cluttered that will cause you anxiety over it and is dangerous to move around. Clean up your space!

make sure all your workout equipment is in ONE SPOT

Having all your equipment in one spot eliminates the hassle of constantly having to shuffle things around.

make sure your space has your favorite ENTERTAINMENT

Having a TV where you can stream your workout, catch up on your favorite show or can stream music can get you moving. Audio and visuals can help stimulate your workout!

make sure your space has LIGHT

Nothing is more depressing, uninviting or stimulating than a dark space. Put up some colorful art and have good lighting to help stimulate your energy!

What is important for you to have in your workout space to help you feel inspired and energized to move?

Meg DeSalvo

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