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Half way through 2020: A look at how you are doing in regards to your health and wellness goals

Many of us start each NEW YEAR with goals/resolutions/intentions that we want to reach. We are so eager with many resolutions in regards to our healthy and fitness and we are always determined to do better this year. We usually go to hard, to fast and then burn out.

If you haven't been successful or feel as though you could do better...remind yourself your "WHY". You need your own reason for doing it day after day, not just someone telling you to do so, or because your peers are doing the same thing. Your WHY needs to have meaning/purpose. If your WHY isn’t strong enough, then most likely you aren’t going to stick to it. Always remember your WHY has to be stronger than the WHY NOT TO.

I want you to reaffirm those goals/resolutions and remember why you chose to make them. How will these things that you have chosen to focus on benefit you in a positive change? Have you been able to check some things off your list? Are you still committed on working on your list, or have you given up all together? Set a plan for the goals you still want to accomplish and how you will accomplish those goals.

Here are some ways to see how you are doing so far this year...

Step 1: Assess

Taking the time to assess your progress and your goals, you take what you learn from the first half of the year and apply it going forward.

  • Which goals have you made progress on, or accomplished?

  • How many have you yet to begin?

  • Which goals are you struggling with?

  • Taking the time to assess your progress and your goals, you take what you learn from the first half of the year and apply it going forward.

Step 2: Keep track of what you’re accomplishing

This will help show you

  • Your progress

  • Keep you more motivated to you achieve your goals

  • Allow you to explore how you are doing at them (what is working, what is not working)...

  • Use some sort of tangible data: keep a log of your PRs, keep track of your weight or Body Fat Percentage or whatever you are working on. Have something to show you proof of progress. (Some of my clients even take monthly photos of themselves to show progress and perform a fitness test every few months to show progress!)

Step 3: What are you struggling with, think of ways you can do better and PLAN

Try to figure out WHY you are struggling (AKA anticipate the struggle and how to overcome them)

  • Are you not fully committed

  • Do you not have a clear idea of what your goal is

  • Is there a time or financial constraint

  • Is the power of doubt overwhelming (are you already anticipating failing)

  • Is your mentality "all or nothing" - this is detrimental to seeing progress

  • Do you want the outcome of the goal but not willing to work for it

Whatever your goals/resolutions are...

Be inspired


Be in control of your nutrition and how you move your body

Be the person you want to be

Love yourself and be good to yourself

Be patient

Each day is a new day. If you had a bad day the day before, shake it off and move on. Do not let that day define you and your progress. We all hit bumps in the road, no road will be perfect or easy, but the way you handle it will define your progress.


Meg DeSalvo Fit

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