Get more out of your snacks!

Are you a snacker? I sure am. I can’t go a day without  having 1-2 snacks.

Snacks can totally set you back (if you have weight loss goals) if you are eating the wrong things. It’s not so much what time of day your eating - it’s more about WHAT you are eating!

Think of your snack as a way to increase what your body needs! More protein, more healthy fat, more fruits/veggies! 

Try and stay away from pre-packaged snacks (unless they are protein bars/shakes) and go for a fresher more wholesome snack!

Snacks that benefit you and your goals:

  • Fresh veggies cut up with: cottage cheese or hummus

  • Apple/banana with peanut butter

  • Hard boiled eggs with a few crackers or veggies

  • Greek yogurt with berries

  • Handful of nuts (also great to pair with berries) 

  • Protein bar / shake just be careful of the sugar 

  • Make ahead protein balls / energy balls 

  • Make ahead mini packed muffins (protein, flax, etc.)

  • Chia seed pudding 

  • Etc.

If you need a snack to get you through the day:

  • Be mindful

  • Pre package your snack ahead to make them easy to grab 

  • Be kind - if you give in to a craving for a snack it’s not the end of the world BUT don’t let it ruin your day and cause you to give up for the day! 

Meg DeSalvo Fit 

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