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Doing random instagram workouts? Not seeing results?...Follow a program and see results!

Are you constantly just scrolling through social media to find a workout to do?

Do you follow certain social media accounts just because you like their workouts, but not seeing results?

Do you do random workouts because...

-you get bored with the same workout

-don't know what your goal is with working out

-you think you can confuse your muscles and get quicker results

Social media is great to find motivation, but you should be following a program to see results. Random workouts will not produce the results you are looking for. They might help you get movement in, but if you are not following a program that is tailored to your goals, your current fitness level, etc then it will take longer to reach those goals.

So many people do too many HIIT workouts that they see online because they look "intense" or "fun", but usually don't get any real strength training in during the week they just add more cardio. If you are already doing other forms of cardio throughout the week, you don't need more cardio (YES - HIIT IS CONSIDERED CARDIO)! You need more strength training! I am not saying don't get that conditioning in, because I usually end all strength sessions with a conditioning finisher, BUT you really need to add in a specified strength training CONSISTENT plan at that to build and see progress. Seeing your strength numbers increase each week is just as thrilling as getting in a breathless/sweaty HIIT session!

If you are tired of not seeing the progress that you want then STOP doing random workouts and reach out to a coach that you can see yourself working with to reach those goals. They will surely help tailor a program for you, and support you in reaching your goals. You should do both strength and cardio for overall fitness and having a structured plan of both will help you reach your goals faster.

Meg DeSalvo Fit

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