Do you want more clarity on your goals?

Time and time again (including myself at times) goals are too general. We have a big picture in our head on what we want, how we want to look and feel - but when you really think about it you don't really know what you want making it extremely hard to make progress or feel happy about it! Habits are hard to change, but change is what will get you what you want!

When starting on a new fitness journey or creating a new goal, these are some questions that might help you become more clear on what you really want...

1. What do you want out of your goal?

· do you want it to change how you feel or look

· do you want to be more confident…

· do you want to be able to compete in a race, competition, etc.

2. What are you willing to do to get there?

· are you willing to join a gym or online fitness studio?

· are you willing to work with a trainer or a group of people who have similar goals/struggles?

· are you willing to put in the time/effort/money it takes to get there?


3. What could stop you internally from reaching that goal?

· lack of confidence (we can work on this!) from previous failures

· is this goal really important to me – do I really want this for myself or someone else

· etc.

4. What could stop you externally from reaching that goal?

· time

· money

· no one to keep you accountable

· etc.

5. Are you willing to keep going when it gets tough or you hit a plateau/standstill?

· Being able to work through windy and bumpy paths it the only way to be successful! Yes it can get discouraging – but never give up on yourself and your health!)

YOU are worth it.

YOU are in charge of your journey.

YOU are aloud to invest in your health without guilt!

Meg DeSalvo Fit

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