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Do I need to take supplements?

Let's just start off by saying supplements are NOT a substitute for a healthy balanced diet. Supplements should NEVER replace the healthier foods we need in our diets, BUT if we are limited or find it harder to hit a certain percentage of daily nutrients then they might be for you! It is important to also know that some supplements might interact with other medications that you are taking or have implications if you have certain medical issues (again super important to check with your doctor before starting any supplements).

Protein - protein is a hard one to hit every day (especially if you are training a lot and have a weight loss or muscle mass goal). Most of the time we can get our protein source from eggs, chicken, cottage cheese, beans, etc. BUT a lot of the time it is hard to hit that "magic" number. I always recommend clients use some sort of protein supplement if they are struggling to eat more protein during the day and these are their goals. Finding a protein powder can also be challenging SO make sure you know how to read food labels or reach out to someone who can make sure you are getting the appropriate protein source.

Omegas 3s (fish oil) - unless you eat fatty fish 2-3x a week, you are probably low in omega 3s. Omega 3s are super important because they help us improve our cholesterol numbers, decrease inflammation in blood vessels, which is all important for heart health!

Folic acid - all pregnant and breastfeeding mama's should be taking this supplement (UNLESS your doctor specially advises against it). Folic acid is important to help prevent your baby from potentially having any major birth defects (specifically spina bifida - spine, and anencephaly - brain.) While you can get folic acid from consuming dark leafy greens, avocados, legumes, etc - you do not get enough!

There are SO many more supplements that people take, this is just a glimpse of what common supplement questions I get from clients...

Here is a fun question I ask my clients: "Do you take supplements (multivitamins specifically) because they make you feel healthier?". Think about that before you go out and start buying a crap ton of supplements to "make you healthier". Check your diet and evaluate and see how you can make it better before adding potentially unnecessary things to it.

AGAIN - always check with your doctor before making any dietary changes in your life especially supplements because they are not always necessary!

Meg DeSalvo Fit

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