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Consistency vs Perfection

One thing that my type "A" self has learned over the last 11 weeks is CONSISTENCY over PERFECTION is a better way to work towards your goals.

It is funny, for years I have been saying this to my clients - BUT it was not until my world changed and was needed more by others that I started to learn that "perfect" is not necessary if you are still trying to be/do better each day.

...remember everyone's definition of "perfect" is different.

I have learned that being consistent in movement and eating (I live that 80/20 life) is far more rewarding than having that "perfect" workout. My world has shifted and now I am devoted to being a healthy mom both physically and mentally. Perfect doesn't exist when you have two young kids who's attitudes and schedules shift daily. So MAMA had to adapt quickly and start to be consistent with her movement and nutrition (nutrition is still a work in progress).

Each day I try to get at least some type of movement OR mental health therapy in my day. It can be anything from a foam rolling session, to a peloton spin / yoga class (never more than mins), a walk or a strength workout ... I have even started to add some peloton meditation in. I have learned that I can have the girls with me when I do this. Yes, it might be harder for me to "crush" or "PR" my workout BUT in the end the workout is done...and guess what I feel so much better than just skipping it because I had this idea that every workout needed to be intense to count.

Consistency gets you closer to your goals and creates lasting "habits" over having that perfect workout. I am still working on that nutrition piece, but I acknowledge that I am struggling in that category and being honest with myself that I am not totally ready to tackle that piece at the moment.

What can you do to add more consistency in your life? Can you start to let go of that "perfect" thinking that you can't reach your goals unless you are on top of it 24/7? What can you do each day that will be easy to build consistency (go to bed earlier, move 15 mins per day, drink more water, etc.)?

Meg DeSalvo Fit

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