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Celebrate those non scale victories!!

Sure who doesn’t want to see the scale move, but in reality that’s not what health is all about.

Sometimes the scale doesn’t budge or it goes up slightly and we freak out! Reminder the scale isn’t always our friend. Progress and health goes beyond the scale!

The scale goes beyond the number we see. The scale can be affected by:

  • water retention/fluids

  • if your working on a strength program you most likely are building lean muscle mass (muscle is more dense than fat)

  • if it’s that’s time of the month (menstruation)

  • etc.

If you are getting discouraged by the sale and it’s holding you back - then ditch it! Find the positives and what actually is working and makes you excited to keep you going.

Celebrate the wins:

  1. Being able to come off medication

  2. You are loosing inches

  3. Clothes fit better

  4. You are sleeping better

  5. Mental victories - less stress and anxiety

  6. Less pain

  7. More energy

  8. Shaving time off your mile or PRing a lift

  9. Not feeling winded after going up a flight of stairs

  10. Feeling more confident

Don't let the scale hold you back from reaching your potential. Small wins are what the journey is all about!

Celebrate all wins - do not think they are too small! They are victories!

Meg DeSalvo

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