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Beat the holiday weight gain with these 6 tips!

This holiday season has and will continue to be different. Whether you plan to keep things small with just your household OR have a small gathering of immediate family FOOD and INDULGENCES will still be there. Always enjoy the holidays. To me it has the best meals, treats and drinks (except this year!) that I look forward to all year. Best thing you can do is prepare ahead for the days that you are going to splurge on those things. My top 5 tips on how to avoid the weight gain through the holidays: 1. If you eat more than normal (I mean who doesn’t) then move more! Enjoy the indulgences BUT if you are eating more (and higher caloric foods) then you need to move more to avoid the weight gain. TIP: try taking a 15-minute walk after your meal or making your workout before your feast a bit longer and/or harder! 2. Eat a healthy balanced meal for breakfast -skipping the heavy carbs if you are having a carb loaded holiday meal. 3. Make a small plate of treats - and bring a baggy to take SOME home. THIS ONE IS SUPER HARD FOR ME. Nothing is more tempting than sitting at a table full of goodies, but eating a mound of treats will only lead you to a belly ache and sugar overload. 4. Increase your water intake - Staying hydrated can boost your metabolism AND give you the feeling of “fullness”. 5. Bring something that you want and know that won’t make you feel guilty - This could be as simple as a veggie tray, a mixed salad, a fruit salad, etc. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it will give you an option to have something healthy if there isn’t anything there. 6. Don’t cut calories the day before (some people call banking calories) so that you can binge the next day. Cutting back so you can indulge can lead to unhealthy habits and in fact doesn’t help you stay ahead (your body doesn’t appreciate it!).

Enjoy the holidays.

Don't punish yourself for eating more than normal or things you do not normally eat.

Move more (eating more = need to increase movement...bonus it helps aid in digestion)

Strive for a healthy balance. Eat your veggies and protein and enjoy the damn PIE!

Meg DeSalvo Fit

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