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Be Successful at Reaching Your Goals

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Do you ever feel that you keep creating goals that you never reach, or partially reach? I was right there with you UNTIL I started to implement this number one tip.

You may have many "things/tasks/goals"that you want to achieve to get you to that ULTIMATE END GOAL like getting stronger, PRing a lift, loosing weight, running a marathon or completing a competition, but if you try and tackle everything all at once it will take you longer to achieve that goal - or you may not reach it at all!

Figure out what is your end goal is...

What is your ultimate goal. Do you want to get stronger, do you want to get faster, do you want to loose weight...WHAT DO YOU WANT!

Great once you know what you want and where you want to go, write down a list of 5 goals that will help you get there. Now out of those 5 goals what is the ONE goal you can realistically can accomplish now. Great now go for it...

Work on ONE goal at a time...

Taking one thing to focus on at a time might seem like a slower approach, but in fact it allows you to solely focus on that one thing and master it which then propels you into the next which eventfully builds up to that ultimate end goal.

Now that have prioritized that one goal - REALLY PRIORITIZE IT! Ask yourself how can I safely accomplish this goal and take those steps daily. Repeat - execute and repeat - execute...

By having only one goal at a time you are giving yourself realistic opportunity to achieve and master it. Once you achieve this goal, the feeling of accomplishment will help motivate you towards the next goal, and the next.

On to the next...

Once you have accomplished that first goal. DO NOT FORGET IT. Just because you have successfully mastered it does not mean that it is off the table. This goal is now a part of your lifestyle and will need to be continued to keep you on the path to that ultimate end goal and beyond. Sometimes you may have to come back to it and start again.

Remember who ran the race in the tortuous and the hare. Slow and steady wins the race!


Your goals are worth it, like everything it takes time and energy to be successful, but only you can be in charge of how you get there!

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