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5 Common Mistakes Beginner Exercisers Make (but not limited to newbies!)

Here are a few of the biggest mistakes I see newbie exercisers make - don't let them happen to you!.....Scratch that - honestly many people make these mistakes NOT just newbies!

Not warming up before exercise:

  • Trying to save time? Don’t have enough time? The first thing many people do when they are on a time crunch is forget or skip to workout. Warming up is ESSENTIAL for priming the body for specific movements. Take 3-5 minutes and warm up the body parts that you will be using during your exercise routine. It will save you in the long run of potentially getting hurt and will make your exercise feel a bit easier because the muscles/joints will be primed and ready to go!

You do too much too fast / your goal is TOO BIG:

  • Sure, who doesn’t get excited when starting out a new program to help them reach their goals. There is such a thing as BURN OUT and so many people get burnt out quickly because they go all in instead of taking the slow and steady route. Remember you are trying to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle - so if you do too much too fast you most likely will get overwhelmed leading you to start to shut down (not good when trying to reach your goals!). When creating goals don’t create HUGE goals where many things need to change at the same time. If you do this you will exhaust yourself, lose energy and willpower when you become frustrated because it is taking so long to meet your goals. BREAK THOSE MASSIVE GOALS INTO SMALLER, EASIER, SUSTAINABLE STEPS.

You have no plan :

  • Excited to get into exercise and in toward your goal? Go to the gym but walk around aimlessly or just do cardio? Most people start off this way, and even clients who start with me who are not new to the gym all say the same thing “I just wonder about the gym, I have no real plan.” HAVE A PLAN - seek advice from a trainer whether you continue with them or not. Having someone help you map out a plan for what you want to accomplish based on your current fitness level and abilities WILL HELP YOU REACH YOUR GOAL FASTER!

Not being consistent:

  • Consistency is key to success. Yes you might want to skip a workout because you're tired, sore, limited on time BUT honor the days/time you commit to exercise. If you are sore and can’t do the workout planned - do something different whether it be a walk, mobility or stretching. Working out during the time you have already committed to yourself will help continue to build consistency and commitment to your goals.

Doing too much cardio, not enough weights:

  • Sure cardio is easy - you hop on a machine and work till the time you have is up. Some days you might vary resistance/speed BUT most days you just hop on and mindlessly work till the timer stops. DO NOT FALL INTO THE CARDIO TRAP - WEIGHT TRAINING IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. If weight loss or muscle gain is your goal - you will not reach it by just doing cardio. Strength training/resistance training is more beneficial for reaching those particular goals (builds lean muscle and burns more calories when at rest!). DON’T BE AFRAID TO HIT THE WEIGHTS!




Meg DeSalvo Fit

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