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3 Healthy Eating Habits to Try Today

1. eat without distractions

2. fill a glass of water EVERY time you sit down to eat or have a snack

3. protein protein PROTEIN

Distracted Eating

Eating without distractions allows you to focus on intuitive eating. When we think about intuitive eating we have to pay attention. Pay attention to smells, taste, how the food makes you feel, when you feel full, etc.

So many women that I talk to eat most meals / snacks while they are multitasking: feeding kids, washing dishes, driving kids to and from school or sports etc.

As great as it is to multitask, when eating and wanting to lose weight it can come at a cost. Most people who eat with distractions (chores, kids, phones, TV) over eat! They are too distracted to pay attention to when they are full and satisfied!

Next time you go to eat, try and sit down - shut the phone and TV off and just enjoy the food and how it makes you feel! Being in tune with hunger and feelings are super important in healing your relationship with food and portions!

Fill a Glass of Water

This one is simple! Water helps aid in digestion. Drinking water before you eat will ultimately help you digest your food! Water also takes up space, it helps create the feeling of fullness so you don’t over eat. Lastly, it helps you get one glass closer to your total oz of water for the day! We all know how important hydration is for mental clarity as well as physical performance!


This one is super important! Protein is important for you when focusing on weight loss goals and when trying to build muscle. Protein helps you feel more satisfied which hopefully will allow you to not over eat or have hunger cravings during the day. Add protein to your morning coffee or a smoothie if you are struggling to get it in!

Meg DeSalvo Fit

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